MedPharm serves as home to a team of expert Biomedical Engineers, Pharmacists, Medical Technologists, and other experts in the medical field. Below are just some of the services that MedPharm offers.

  • Biomedical Engineering Services: Equipment repair, upgrade, and preventive maintenance, for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.
  • Medical tourism and medical referral program.
  • Labtech – one of the best medical laboratory in Guam
  • Pharmacies – Sagan Amot, Expressmed, and PerezVille
  • Professional consulting for start-up clinics, hospitals, and laboratories.
For inquiries on our services, call (1-671) 632-6000
MedPharm is a Quality Provider of Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Dialysis, and Pharmaceutical: Supplies, Equipment, and Services.
Tel: (1-671) 632-6000 | Fax: (1-671) 632-9000