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Medical Equipment
MedPharm distributes a complete list of medical equipment, from patient monitors, telemetry systems, defibrillators, electrosurgical instruments, syringe pumps, and IV pumps, all the way to incubators, sterilizers, analyzers, X-rays,  Fluoroscopy systems, CT-scans, and even MRI machines. If your healthcare institution needs it, MedPharm has it. We are the exclusive distrubutor of some of the top medical equipment manufacturers in the US.

Medical Supplies
MedPharm also houses a complete range of medical supplies: Pharmaceuticals, gloves, face mask, sutures, IV solutions,  syringe, needles, underpads, suture removal kits, gauze, bandages, laboratory reagents, equipment consumables, you name it.

Dental Supplies and Equipment
MedPharm is one of the best source of high-quality and affordable dental equipment and supplies.

Dialysis Supplies and Equipment
MedPharm is also a major supplier of hemodialysis machines, dialyzers, filters, and dialysis supplies, solutions, and consumables.

Other Healthcare Products and Items

MedPharm is also a major supplier of laboratory reagents, hospital and laboratory furniture, safety equipment, ambulance supplies and equipment, and home care supplies and equipment.

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