MedPharm Group of Companies

medpharm-group2MedPharm Group of Companies is composed of leading and trusted pharmacies, medical laboratories, clinics, biomedical service teams, and medical supplies and equipment offices across Asia and the Pacific.

MedPharmMedPharm is a leading provider of healthcare products, medical supplies and equipment, pharmaceutical products, dialysis equipment and supplies, laboratory reagents, supplies, and equipment, and biomedical services for over 15 years. After a decade and a half of proven quality and excellence, MedPharm now serves more than 150 healthcare institutions across the globe.

ExpressMed Pharmacy - ExpressMed Pharmacy, located in Dededo Guam is Guam's first drive-thru and walk-in Pharmacy.
Sagan Amot Pharmacy-
Perezville Pharmacy
Minutes Rx Pharmacy -

LabTech medical Laboratory -
MedPro Biomedical Services
MedPharm is a Quality Provider of Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Dialysis, and Pharmaceutical: Supplies, Equipment, and Services.
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